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Click here to see the page about the book. You can also preview the book with Google Preview. Translations of the Torah. This translation has commentary written by some of the greatest Biblical Scholars. The Torah: A Modern Commentary. Call Number This translation includes commentary and longer articles of interest. Author: Gunther Plaut.

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The following d’var Torah was given by Rabbi Rick Jacobs during Shabbat morning Over the past three years, NFTY has taken me to plenty of random places. What have been the most meaningful milestones in your Jewish life to date?

Aug 28 8 Elul Torah Portion. What can I do with this situation? How can I make it constructive and use it to elevate myself somehow? The road from being single to standing under the chuppah follows similar stages depicted in the Exodus narrative. Rosie Einhorn and Sherry Zimmerman talk about chemistry, timing and having a mentor.

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Chabad of Southside celebrates completion of Torah

Special Collections and Archives holds a fragment of a Torah scroll. Although difficult to date, the scroll most likely dates from to On ten sheets of parchment sewn together, the section runs from Numbers to

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“The Torah Scroll continues a heritage dating back to Moses himself and links this and future generations to the vibrant tradition and faith of our people,” he said​.

These sacred texts are written on a scroll and kept in a synagogue. Torah can also refer to wider scriptural commentaries Talmud and even all Jewish religious knowledge. It is in this sense that Jews will often speak of the importance of living a life guided by Torah. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the first definition of Torah. A 14th-century Torah Scroll from the Iberian Peninsula, complete with mantle. The Torah Scroll is the holiest object in Judaism.

Usage terms Public Domain in most countries other than the UK. These are the same five books that make up the start of the Christian Bible. The Torah text can be written out by a scribe in Hebrew onto a scroll and used in public prayer services or printed in books for individuals and congregations to study. The Torah has central importance in Jewish life, ritual and belief. Some Jews believe that Moses received the Torah from God at Mount Sinai, whilst others believe that the text was written over a long period of time by multiple authors.

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Have things always been this way? His book tells the story of Modern Orthodoxy in America—from the early 19 th century up until the present—through a series of significant speeches, essays, article excerpts, and responsa from many of the key figures and shapers of the movement. He takes us on an all-encompassing, whirlwind tour of Orthodoxy in America, from its embryonic stages—it first emerged in in Charleston, according to Eleff, as a reaction to the local Jews who broke away from traditional Judaism to found the Reformed Society of Israelites—to its early struggles to differentiate and dissociate itself from Conservative Judaism, to its maturation as a movement, to the present day.

As an alumnus of both Yeshiva University and Yeshiva University High School for Boys, I emerged from this book with a much greater appreciation for Bernard Revel, the founder of both institutions.

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The composition of the Torah or Pentateuch , the first five books of the bible: Genesis , Exodus , Leviticus , Numbers , and Deuteronomy was a process that involved multiple authors over an extended period of time. The precise process by which the Torah was composed, the number of authors involved, and the date of each author remain hotly contested among scholars. Scholars frequently use these newer hypotheses in combination with each other, making it difficult to classify contemporary theories as strictly one or another.

Classical source criticism seeks to determine the date of a text by establishing an upper limit terminus ante quem and a lower limit terminus post quem on the basis of external attestation of the text’s existence, as well as the internal features of the text itself. The absence of archaeological evidence for the Exodus narrative, and the evidence pointing to anachronisms in the patriarchal narratives of Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob , [14] have convinced the vast majority of scholars that the Torah does not give an accurate account of the origins of Israel.

Concrete archaeological evidence bearing on the dating of the Torah is found in early manuscript fragments, such as those found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. The earliest extant manuscript fragments of the Pentateuch date to the late third or early second centuries BCE. These lines of evidence indicate that the Torah must have been composed in its final form no later than c.

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Note: Jewish holidays begin at sundown the day before the date specified for the holiday. Year, Weekday, Date, Name, Holiday Type. , Tue, Oct 6, Simchat.

All rights reserved. An Italian expert in Hebrew manuscripts says he has found the oldest known complete Torah scroll, a sheepskin document dating from In , an Italian librarian’s faulty identification sentenced to archival obscurity an antique Torah scroll that has turned out to be the oldest complete such scroll in existence. This week, University of Bologna Professor Mauro Perani announced the results of carbon tests authenticating the scroll’s age as roughly years old.

Like all Torah scrolls, this one contains the full text of the five Books of Moses in Hebrew and is prepared according to strict standards for use during religious services. What a 19th-century cataloguer had interpreted as clumsy mistakes by what he guessed was an awkward 17th-century scribe provided the very clues that led Perani to investigate further. National Geographic spoke by telephone to Perani about his rediscovery.

The original librarian and cataloguer from , Leonello Modona, was an educated man but not a scholar. He had dated this scroll to the 17th century with a question mark. He described the writing in this scroll as “an Italian script, rather clumsy-looking, in which certain letters, as well as the usual crowns and strokes, show uncommon and strange appendices. These Hebrew letters were in the Oriental style, not of Palestine, but of the Babylonian tradition, and from a much earlier time than the 17th century.

I consulted with other colleagues and experts who agreed that this scroll originated from some time between the end of the 11th and the beginning of the 14th century.

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The Met Fifth Ave opens August The Met Cloisters opens September Your health is our top priority. This rare example of Jewish gold glass depicts an open Torah ark, with rolled scrolls on its shelves, and ritual implements of the temple-including two menorot candelabra , a shofar ram’s horn , and an etrog citron. Originally, a banqueting scene was shown below, with a fish on the tripod table in front of a cushion.

Public Domain. This artwork is meant to be viewed from right to left. Scroll left to view more. Date: — Culture: Roman.

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